Cosy Blankie

Inspired by purlbee I wanted to make a cosy blanket for my friends’ baby. I originally wanted to make a quick and simple one but very soon I realised I was sliding towards something requiring more work. And as I had time, I thought I could afford to make something a little more complicated.

This blanket is made of soft cotton fleece, linen and something jersey and some lovely whooly batting. I improvised around quilting technique (that I am very far from mastering). Somehow, working with the thread and needle to decorate and quilt the blanket gave me a lot of freedom to make little shapes and write a lovely african proverb (so they say) that I first heard at my Goddaughter’s naming party a few years ago: “it takes a village to raise a child”. This quick project kept me busy for over a week !

I’m pleased with the result, it’s very cute, soft and feels cosy for a baby. Not so convinced about the few pictures I took of it.

I gave this blanket as a present to my friends yesterday when I met their tiny daughter for the first time. They said to me they realised the same morning that they didn’t have a blanket to wrap her in. Funny how some coincidences happen.




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