Wine glasses tags


So I’m getting married to the best guy ever in less than 3 months. We decided to make everything ourselves, mostly for budget reasons but also because I’m a maker and it really makes sense to us this way.

Still for budget reasons we decided to rent plates and glasses from a local event planner. It’s cheap, but we can only rent a set per person (and a few extra). This means that people will have to keep their glasses throughout the evening.

But this never happens in real life, you go to a party, you leave your glass somewhere you think you’ll remember. Later you end up getting yourself a fresh glass because you can’t remember if yours is the one on the right or on the left, or if you did indeed leave it on the corner of that table.

Tonight’s project is an answer to this problem (which I think I’ll reproduce for future parties at home as well.
It’s a very simple idea, we’re simply going to give our guests little tags with their names on to keep track (hopefully) of their glasses (or at least one, let’s hope).

I made a stamp from japanese stamp rubber and stamped blue for water and red for wine (dead simple). I still have to make a seperate stamp for champagne and write the names of our guests when they confirm their presence.



Do you think this will work ?