Head piece

Continuing with small wedding DIY projects, this is last night’s creation: a little head piece/bridcage/fascinator (I’m not always sure what the appropriate name is).


Anyway, after long hours spend sewing feathers and removing thems, more long hours spent trying to sew a lovely piece of fabric – left over from my wedding dress (I know, it’s yellow !), multiple attempts to attach the veil to the fascinator, I finally succeeded in making something both simple and elegant, slightly retro looking and than I’d be happy to wear for more than  few minutes.

To make this little fascinator I used:

– a simple mesh fascinator bought at the haberdashers

– 40cm of russian veilling

– a small scrap of yellow silk

– a small hair comb

– 3 feathers

– yellow thread

– all pupose glue

– my usual sewing kit (scissors, needles, pins …)

I used this tutorial for inspiration. It’s quite useful to felp shpae the veil into a nice fitting bird cage (that’s the biggest challenge I think).

Step 1: Adjust your fabric to the mesh fascinator using sewing pins. Make sure the fabric nicely fits around the shape, then sew the fabric using matching thread. Though the fascinator can be quite stiff, the aim is to make all the stitches invisible. This can take a while.

Step 2: Gather each end of the Russian veilling running a thread along about a third of the length and tieing a knot to secure the gathers.
Sew russian veilling to the fascinator.

Step 3: Choose and arrange feathers on one of the gathered ends. Keep in place with minimum amout of glue.
You can then use a small piece of fabric to make a little bow or flower, or use a ready made one, to cover the very end of the feathers. Sew or glue.

Step 4: Sew or glue the small hair comb where you find it most convenient and secure.

Tadaa !


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