Petit Pan

I was alway a great fan of Petit Pan, long before we spoke about having a family. What’s not to like : bright colours, lovely prints, cute shapes.

I often thought about copying their creations because they look fairly simple, though really well made. They also look really fun and practical. I once made some fabric storage for my god daughter inspired by something I saw in Petit Pan’s window. It worked out quite nicely.

When I now think about things I want to make for our future baby (only a few more weeks to go) I always dream of Petit Pan-like things. A baby’s blanket, jacket, our maybe a mobile. The great thing about them is that they also sell fabric and trims. So you can actually make things inspired from their collection.

A few days ago Mum took me out shopping for the baby. The sales are still going here in Paris, it’s the best time to get a few cheap treasures. We went to Petit Pan and Mum bought a nice blanket for the baby. I only bought some lovely bias that
I used with some very soft purple fleece I had at home. For under 10€ I made my own Petit Pan blanket and it looks really cute.

I really recommend looking at their Pinterest pins, they have great pictures for inspiration. For those of us who live a colourful Life, this is endless ressource for creative ideas …


Petit Pan have many shops. My usual are : 37, 39 and 76 rue François Miron, 75004 Paris.


Kindle cover

Mum got a kindle reader for Christmas. It’s quite à nice idea my brother had because Mum commutes quite a bit around Paris so she’ll make great use of it.

She asked me to make a cover for her reader so it doesn’t get scratches in her hand bag.

I mades this little cute cover, improvising around the instructions for this tutorial, and playing with fancy stitches on my machine. I used some coton canvas from zafus I made last year, pink felt I used to make a brillant needle case, some really pretty Liberty fabric from an old shirt I made ages ago, and some batting for Zélie’s blanket.

I hope she likes it. In any case, it was good fun to make and challenged me to try new things with my seing machine.




Almost raw lunch

It started of with the idea of making some coleslaw since we had some cabbage from our coop (more on the coop soon) shopping. It ended up more like a lovely pink and orange salad with cabbage, beetroot, carot and apple. The dressing was also improvised with apple cider vinegar, hazelnut oil, honey, sea salt, … Continue reading

First attempt

Determined to put into practice my intention of improving my blog photography, I tried to document my last few knitting projects. Here are the various shots that I took with my iPad:


1 – I tried to stay close to the window in order to get as much natural light as possible (on a gray morning in Paris) but I couldn’t get a shot without all the mess in the room (cables, furniture). This shot is ok, but not great.


2 – I then moved closer to the book shelves, hoping that the background would look better. The result isn’t to exciting either because it’s still quite messy and there isn’t much light.


3 – Turning the light on to compensate low winter light clearly isn’t an option. The image is really yellow and the shadows are very strong.


4 – Moving back closer to the light, I tried something different, trying to give context to the image, sort of tell a story. So I piled up the last few things I knit (did you notice the baby theme ?) on the sofa. I like that there is some green/plant on the image, though I’m not to happy with the top left corner, with all the mess around the computer. Natural light is definitely a bonus though and the little booties don’t just look like random items of a cushion. It’s more like a nice little pile of baby clothes.

I think that an key element is to find the right place, or few places around our flat where I know there will be plenty of natural light and less mess. Not really sure yet where that’s going to be, but I have hope that in the next few weeks I’ll get a chance to experiment and explore, also using my digital camera.


A good picture

I was really happy with my christmas projects, especially the scarf/cape I made for my Mum. Naturally i thought I’d put it up on the blog with some explanations to make it. I was really close to doing that when I realised that the pictures I took of Mum wearing the scarf were all really bad. The light isn’t good, the item does really stand out and the pictures aren’t flattering for Mum.

Ok, so taking good pictures is a challenge and makes a huge difference between blogs that I want to read and blogs that I frankly don’t really look at. And it’s frustrating not being able to take a good shotSome argue the camera is key. Well I have a decent digital reflex, something that should allow to get interesting depth in the picture and frame things properly. I also have an iPad that can really do the trick. But still, my pictures aren’t so good.

So one of my goals for this blog, along with posting more projects (I’ve been quite productive lately), is to imporve the quality of my pictures so I can be proud not only of what I made but also of how I show it. There is plenty of inspiration and tips online, on A beautiful mess for example, where they give tips for lifestyle and outfit photography and more. For now, we’ll have to do with pictures the way they are, but I haven’t said my last word.