Almost raw lunch

It started of with the idea of making some coleslaw since we had some cabbage from our coop (more on the coop soon) shopping. It ended up more like a lovely pink and orange salad with cabbage, beetroot, carot and apple. The dressing was also improvised with apple cider vinegar, hazelnut oil, honey, sea salt, … Continue reading

Experimenting with smoothies

Here are two recent recipies I made playing with nurtitious and delicious smoothies. I like giving them statement names, so here you are:


Meet the BBBB (Black Breakfast Bad Boy): I find it’s very dark colour really exciting !

1/2 banana

1/2 courgette

1/2 small raw beetroot

1 handful of spinach

1 handful of frozen berries (fresh if you have of course)

1 apple (I like mine quite tart)

1/2 inch of fresh ginger

Zest and juice of 1 organic lime

Blend all ingredients, add supplements (maca + spiralina), adding water if necessary.

Ground 3 walnuts with a tsp of coconut flakes. Add topping to smoothie for a crumble-like effect.


The Gass is Greener: This one is just pure creamy love.

1/2 avocado

1/3 courgette

2 handfuls of spinach

a pinch of turmeric

a pinch of paprika

a dash of tamari sauce

1 tbsp of hazelnut oil

Add water to blend. Top with wasabi sesame.

Note that this could work as a dip with less water, it’s sooo creamy !


Vegan almond biscuits


I am not a vegan but I am trying to find healthier options for myself, and I also really don’t like to waste anyfood when possible.

My friend from London is here so I made some almond milk for her today. Healthy treat. After blending the almonds with water, we filtered the ilk and saved the almond powder, thinking that we’d make something out of it. Later today, I threw together the amlond powder with a few other ingredients and made really nice biscuits. I used organic ingredients because some ingredients are just easier to find in organic shops, like raw almonds, coco oil or rice flour.

Here is the basic recepie, I’m sure it could be improved with spices or cacao powder or sesame seeds as my friend suggested):

200 g of almond powder (left from drained almond milk)

70 g of rice flour

80 g of coco oil (room temperature)

50 g of brown sugar


1 tbsp of water

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, adding to water  last to help create a rough sticky and crumbly dough. Roll small amounts of the preparation in the palm of your hand to make small balls. Flatten with a fork.

Bake for 10 to 12 min in pre-heated oven (180° – Th 6).

Leave to cool. Enjoy !



My lovely brother was very kind to me for Christmas this year. He gave me a beautiful blender to make smoothies and other great food preparations.

Here is (just under) a litre of 100% organic almond milk that I made tonight. It took me 20 minutes max and tastes really nice. You can fin some tutorials online to find out how to make almond milk at home. I used a tutorial by Sasha from Stiggly NYC. Very easy !
Now I have to decide how I’ll use it …


EDIT: I tried it the first day and wasn’t fully convinced by the texture. I very strongly recomment to filter your milk to seperate the actual milk from the almonds. Then the milk is wonderfully silky and smoothe. I’m trying to work out what to do with the almond powder left from filtering … Any suggestions ?

Yoghurt making, the adventure continues

After my first experiment, I wanted to continue making yoghurts at home but wanted to find a better technique. The first time, I simply used a yoghurt from the shop and some milk (obviously), I wasn’t fully satified with the texture, too runny.

I found some ferments at my local organic shop and I’m very excited about the results. I used some NATALI organic ferments for bifidus yoghurts. The ferments are very simple to use, the only need to be added to the milk and then follow the usual procedure.

What’s exciting about home made yoghurt is that if you keep a yoghurt from your production, then you can use it to make a new batch. It’s not endless but the same ferments can be used up to 15 times (so they say on the pack) !

So now instead of buying yoghurt from the shop, we simply buy a bottle of whole milk !

Yoghurt and flapjacks



For this first post on my blog, pictures of my recent experiments with homemade yoghurt and flapjacks. I’m sure the process for yoghurt making can be improved to make them a little firmer). I have to say though, the taste is incredibly better than industrial ones. As for flapjacks, well, this much sugar and butter can only be very delicious and indulging !