Felt ball

I made felt balls for my baby. Of course he/she won’t use it for a while but this little project kept me busy for a few hours. Felt balls are super easy to make, many tutorials online. I tried two different techniques : One over a ball of wool, adding layer of roving and poing … Continue reading

Alphabet hat

I just finished a hat for my friend’s daughter Zélie. It’s inspired by a hat she already wears but that’s really becoming too small. It’s the first time I knit something without a pattern. As I made notes along the way, this is officially my first pattern. I’m tempted to share it but at the same time I find it quite complicated to produce clear instructions. I anyone is interested, do get in touch.


Customized Ikea PAX

When we moved in together my husband and I swore never to buy any Ikea furniture. We just found it so sad that you’d find the same furniture everywhere, that everyone had that same BILLY bookshelf, etc.

But as much as we like to buy second hand, we’re not flea market experts and don’t have much time, nor money to get the nice vintage pieces we like.

So like everyone else, now that we need to prepare the nursery for the titch, or reflex is to just nip to ikea and find whatever functionnal wardrobe we can use. So we got the classic PAX unit, plain, white, does the job.

We got the cheapest door style, with the secret evil plan to customize it.

Few rolls of washi tape later, tadaaaa :


I just let myself improvise with the colours and patterns of the tape, making up patterns as I went.
I love how each square of the door is different and complements the others. I also enjoy how they look a little bit like quilting.

It was such a fun project to make I’m itching to stick washi tape to every pièce of furniture we own.

Washable baby wipes DIY

Washable baby wipes can be a good alternative to disposable ones. They reduce waste, reduce packaging waste and are chemical and fragrance free if you choose the right baby product. Or so I hope anyway (baby’s not here yet so I haven’t tried). A friend uses them and loves them.
Washable wipes are à bit extensive for what they are so I ordered some organic fabric online and made them myself.

I chose to use 2 different types of terry because they have different feels to them and don’t absorb the same way. Bamboo is definitely softer but I like how cotton feels with baby lotion on it. Of course you can choose to use only one type, in which case you should double the amout you use.

Here is a little tutorial to make you own.

To make 40 wipes you need :

50 cm of organic cotton terry (in 150 cm)
50 cm of bamboo terry (in 150 cm)
Embroidery thread (you can use several colours) or coloured thread.

And your usual needles, scisors, fabric pen or chalk and a sewing machine.

First mark and cut fourty 12,50 x 15 cm rectangles in each fabric. Mark the 12,50 cm in the width of the fabric, 4 times and the 15 cm lengthwise.

Then pin a rectangle of each fabric together, riche side facing out.


Using interlock stitches on your machine, ses along the edges of your rectangles and all four sides, making sure both layers are trapped in the seam. It’s fun if you choose to vary the color of thread you use.


Then remove pins and cut the edges clean, making sure you don’t cut the seams. Wash several times and then iron (if you can bare to) before using your wipes.


My tip : try to do all the cutting, then pinning, then sewing in one go. You’ll get way more efficient that way.

I tried to make some smaller ones to use instead of cotton pads to remove my make up. The sensation on my skin is quite different but also quite nice.


Petit Pan inspired blanket

Here’s just a quick picture of the blanket I made using Petit Pan bias. It’s so simple, just adding a cute printed bias turns a basic rectangle of fleece into a really cool blanket. I think this would make a perfect quick project for a gift to a friend with a newborn.

Kindle cover

Mum got a kindle reader for Christmas. It’s quite à nice idea my brother had because Mum commutes quite a bit around Paris so she’ll make great use of it.

She asked me to make a cover for her reader so it doesn’t get scratches in her hand bag.

I mades this little cute cover, improvising around the instructions for this tutorial, and playing with fancy stitches on my machine. I used some coton canvas from zafus I made last year, pink felt I used to make a brillant needle case, some really pretty Liberty fabric from an old shirt I made ages ago, and some batting for Zélie’s blanket.

I hope she likes it. In any case, it was good fun to make and challenged me to try new things with my seing machine.



Wedding invitations


Seven weeks to go before our big day. It’s about time (indeed) to send out invitations and rsvp to our guests. All of them received save-the-date cards back in the automn and a lot of our friends already confirmed. Still my baker and I want to have something a little more official, and a way to count or guests and get into more precise planning for food etc.

On the picture are the invitation in yellow, the rsvp card in bleu and the envelope. It took me some time to figure out not just what to write but how to present it, what sort of design we wanted and I could achieve on my own. And I’m really quite proud of the result, I think it’s amazing what you can achieve at home with a little patience and creativity. Also this was very inexpensive (about 25€ for the cards and envelopes, plus what it used of the printer’s cartridge).

The little garland design on the side are stamps I made with special rubber from a japanese store (could also be found online) and a few gouges. Making your own stamp is such an easy way of making cheap and very personal design.

I am particularly pleased with the result because these invitations are very us, and very much in the line of what our wedding is going to be: simple, colourful, homemade and pretty.

Go on crafty brides, make your own invitations, have fun and save money !

Wine glasses tags


So I’m getting married to the best guy ever in less than 3 months. We decided to make everything ourselves, mostly for budget reasons but also because I’m a maker and it really makes sense to us this way.

Still for budget reasons we decided to rent plates and glasses from a local event planner. It’s cheap, but we can only rent a set per person (and a few extra). This means that people will have to keep their glasses throughout the evening.

But this never happens in real life, you go to a party, you leave your glass somewhere you think you’ll remember. Later you end up getting yourself a fresh glass because you can’t remember if yours is the one on the right or on the left, or if you did indeed leave it on the corner of that table.

Tonight’s project is an answer to this problem (which I think I’ll reproduce for future parties at home as well.
It’s a very simple idea, we’re simply going to give our guests little tags with their names on to keep track (hopefully) of their glasses (or at least one, let’s hope).

I made a stamp from japanese stamp rubber and stamped blue for water and red for wine (dead simple). I still have to make a seperate stamp for champagne and write the names of our guests when they confirm their presence.



Do you think this will work ?