Petit Pan

I was alway a great fan of Petit Pan, long before we spoke about having a family. What’s not to like : bright colours, lovely prints, cute shapes.

I often thought about copying their creations because they look fairly simple, though really well made. They also look really fun and practical. I once made some fabric storage for my god daughter inspired by something I saw in Petit Pan’s window. It worked out quite nicely.

When I now think about things I want to make for our future baby (only a few more weeks to go) I always dream of Petit Pan-like things. A baby’s blanket, jacket, our maybe a mobile. The great thing about them is that they also sell fabric and trims. So you can actually make things inspired from their collection.

A few days ago Mum took me out shopping for the baby. The sales are still going here in Paris, it’s the best time to get a few cheap treasures. We went to Petit Pan and Mum bought a nice blanket for the baby. I only bought some lovely bias that
I used with some very soft purple fleece I had at home. For under 10€ I made my own Petit Pan blanket and it looks really cute.

I really recommend looking at their Pinterest pins, they have great pictures for inspiration. For those of us who live a colourful Life, this is endless ressource for creative ideas …


Petit Pan have many shops. My usual are : 37, 39 and 76 rue François Miron, 75004 Paris.


Lovely patterns make me want to sew

I came across a great shop in Paris in the Passage du Grand Cerf (great deer gallery, I have to love the place) called Lil Weasel. They have all sorts af exciting whool, fabric, ribbons (“the ribbons, the ribbons”) and patterns. Lil Weasel might very well become one of my references for haberdashery in Paris.

I discovered Colette Patterns that look amazing. Great design, slightly vintage looking, lovely presentation. There are already a few dresses that I’m considering making.

They also have some really cute models for children that I might add to my project list. I particularly like patterns by Madame Maman or Blousette Rose.

I’m starting to get the sewing itch again, I can’t wait to get a few things sorted around my place and get my machine out.