Washable baby wipes DIY

Washable baby wipes can be a good alternative to disposable ones. They reduce waste, reduce packaging waste and are chemical and fragrance free if you choose the right baby product. Or so I hope anyway (baby’s not here yet so I haven’t tried). A friend uses them and loves them.
Washable wipes are à bit extensive for what they are so I ordered some organic fabric online and made them myself.

I chose to use 2 different types of terry because they have different feels to them and don’t absorb the same way. Bamboo is definitely softer but I like how cotton feels with baby lotion on it. Of course you can choose to use only one type, in which case you should double the amout you use.

Here is a little tutorial to make you own.

To make 40 wipes you need :

50 cm of organic cotton terry (in 150 cm)
50 cm of bamboo terry (in 150 cm)
Embroidery thread (you can use several colours) or coloured thread.

And your usual needles, scisors, fabric pen or chalk and a sewing machine.

First mark and cut fourty 12,50 x 15 cm rectangles in each fabric. Mark the 12,50 cm in the width of the fabric, 4 times and the 15 cm lengthwise.

Then pin a rectangle of each fabric together, riche side facing out.


Using interlock stitches on your machine, ses along the edges of your rectangles and all four sides, making sure both layers are trapped in the seam. It’s fun if you choose to vary the color of thread you use.


Then remove pins and cut the edges clean, making sure you don’t cut the seams. Wash several times and then iron (if you can bare to) before using your wipes.


My tip : try to do all the cutting, then pinning, then sewing in one go. You’ll get way more efficient that way.

I tried to make some smaller ones to use instead of cotton pads to remove my make up. The sensation on my skin is quite different but also quite nice.


Baby kimono


I spend a lot of time on Purlbee, I love most of the projects that propose, I like their design, a mix of simplicity with a twist. I knit their “thank you hat” a couple of times, use their blanket projects for inspiration, etc.

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Petit Pan

I was alway a great fan of Petit Pan, long before we spoke about having a family. What’s not to like : bright colours, lovely prints, cute shapes.

I often thought about copying their creations because they look fairly simple, though really well made. They also look really fun and practical. I once made some fabric storage for my god daughter inspired by something I saw in Petit Pan’s window. It worked out quite nicely.

When I now think about things I want to make for our future baby (only a few more weeks to go) I always dream of Petit Pan-like things. A baby’s blanket, jacket, our maybe a mobile. The great thing about them is that they also sell fabric and trims. So you can actually make things inspired from their collection.

A few days ago Mum took me out shopping for the baby. The sales are still going here in Paris, it’s the best time to get a few cheap treasures. We went to Petit Pan and Mum bought a nice blanket for the baby. I only bought some lovely bias that
I used with some very soft purple fleece I had at home. For under 10€ I made my own Petit Pan blanket and it looks really cute.

I really recommend looking at their Pinterest pins, they have great pictures for inspiration. For those of us who live a colourful Life, this is endless ressource for creative ideas …


Petit Pan have many shops. My usual are : 37, 39 and 76 rue François Miron, 75004 Paris.

Cosy Blankie

Inspired by purlbee I wanted to make a cosy blanket for my friends’ baby. I originally wanted to make a quick and simple one but very soon I realised I was sliding towards something requiring more work. And as I had time, I thought I could afford to make something a little more complicated.

This blanket is made of soft cotton fleece, linen and something jersey and some lovely whooly batting. I improvised around quilting technique (that I am very far from mastering). Somehow, working with the thread and needle to decorate and quilt the blanket gave me a lot of freedom to make little shapes and write a lovely african proverb (so they say) that I first heard at my Goddaughter’s naming party a few years ago: “it takes a village to raise a child”. This quick project kept me busy for over a week !

I’m pleased with the result, it’s very cute, soft and feels cosy for a baby. Not so convinced about the few pictures I took of it.

I gave this blanket as a present to my friends yesterday when I met their tiny daughter for the first time. They said to me they realised the same morning that they didn’t have a blanket to wrap her in. Funny how some coincidences happen.