Alphabet hat

I just finished a hat for my friend’s daughter ZĂ©lie. It’s inspired by a hat she already wears but that’s really becoming too small. It’s the first time I knit something without a pattern. As I made notes along the way, this is officially my first pattern. I’m tempted to share it but at the same time I find it quite complicated to produce clear instructions. I anyone is interested, do get in touch.



First attempt

Determined to put into practice my intention of improving my blog photography, I tried to document my last few knitting projects. Here are the various shots that I took with my iPad:


1 – I tried to stay close to the window in order to get as much natural light as possible (on a gray morning in Paris) but I couldn’t get a shot without all the mess in the room (cables, furniture). This shot is ok, but not great.


2 – I then moved closer to the book shelves, hoping that the background would look better. The result isn’t to exciting either because it’s still quite messy and there isn’t much light.


3 – Turning the light on to compensate low winter light clearly isn’t an option. The image is really yellow and the shadows are very strong.


4 – Moving back closer to the light, I tried something different, trying to give context to the image, sort of tell a story. So I piled up the last few things I knit (did you notice the baby theme ?) on the sofa. I like that there is some green/plant on the image, though I’m not to happy with the top left corner, with all the mess around the computer. Natural light is definitely a bonus though and the little booties don’t just look like random items of a cushion. It’s more like a nice little pile of baby clothes.

I think that an key element is to find the right place, or few places around our flat where I know there will be plenty of natural light and less mess. Not really sure yet where that’s going to be, but I have hope that in the next few weeks I’ll get a chance to experiment and explore, also using my digital camera.