Customized Ikea PAX

When we moved in together my husband and I swore never to buy any Ikea furniture. We just found it so sad that you’d find the same furniture everywhere, that everyone had that same BILLY bookshelf, etc.

But as much as we like to buy second hand, we’re not flea market experts and don’t have much time, nor money to get the nice vintage pieces we like.

So like everyone else, now that we need to prepare the nursery for the titch, or reflex is to just nip to ikea and find whatever functionnal wardrobe we can use. So we got the classic PAX unit, plain, white, does the job.

We got the cheapest door style, with the secret evil plan to customize it.

Few rolls of washi tape later, tadaaaa :


I just let myself improvise with the colours and patterns of the tape, making up patterns as I went.
I love how each square of the door is different and complements the others. I also enjoy how they look a little bit like quilting.

It was such a fun project to make I’m itching to stick washi tape to every pi├Ęce of furniture we own.